Beauty tip of the week

Beauty tip this week is one of my absolute favorite products. L’OREAL infallible lip color. Until I found this product I tried every all day lipstick made. And never really liked any of them. Especially the ones that came with a gloss top coat. It seemed that when you reapplied the gloss later, the lipstick would turn to grit on your lips. Yuck! Then I found these little beauties! Perfection!! Not only does it not turn to grit when gloss is reapplied but you can put any lip balm over it at anytime. The only time I had it come off was while eating a greasy burger, and only the reds do that. I have almost every color. The ones pictured here are just a few in my collection, and I love them all! So if you are like me and don’t want to reapply later in the day (one less thing to think about). Give these a try. When you find your favorite shade share it here, I would love to know. My current fave is Cerise, it’s a perfect red for anyone! It’s the one pictured in the middle on the bottom row. Nope they don’t pay me, Just my opinion.


You are more beautiful than you know. I promise!!

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