Crap I like this one better!!

Do you ever get so excited to share something that you post right away, then later wish you would have waited a bit because you thought of something better to share just moments after? No? Ok it’s just me then.

I posted the gator fishing picture the other day with the layered file still open in photoshop. When I opened photoshop later the pictures was still there and I thought hmmm what if I…

So I changed it a bit. Then waited a few days to post in case it happened again. And all is good. This is the final edit. For real.

Redo gator fishing

Would you like to be in a picture like this? Stay tuned I will be posting details on these types of sessions. And I'm thinking maybe a contest you could win a shoot, or a print, or something else. Let me know what you would like to win.

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