Expecting Carter

I have this friend who is more like a sister. You have probably seen her here before. I like photographing her, and she likes the spot light. One of the many reasons we are a great team. Well she is due any day now with baby number 4. You can follow her beautiful story HERE. You will learn some things about trying to conceive and all the heartache and joy that comes with it. You will also learn what a rainbow baby is, if you don’t already know.

The whole Beautiful family.



I love catching the moments in between. And these two have a LOT of those!!



See what I mean?




The weather was pure perfection! Sun and storm at the same time! It was like a dream!




Another of those in between moments. It looks all sweet, what he really said was, “I’m not looking at your belly”. Aaaaand she giggles!!






God bless this family and the soon to be new addition, Carter Arryn, may he bring light and rainbows into your lives!!

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