Fairy babies and birth in a bottle

Oh how I love to composite! I could do this kind of work all day everyday. Where the only limit is my imagination. Let me tell you how these images came to be. I am in a couple of composite groups on Facebook. A member in one of those groups posted a link to a site that had a composite contest (www.paintcandy.org). I haven’t done a composite in a while and needed to practice. So I worked on this first image for a day, making sure to follow all the rules (it was the last day of the contest) and submitted in time.

The contest ended up not being a contest that week after all, and that’s ok. I wasn’t in it for any prize or anything. It was fun and I got to practice some Photoshop skills. I learned that there are a few tricks I have forgotten how to do because I haven’t used them in a while. This image was last weeks submission. I thought it would be interesting to put a pregnant woman (A.K.A. my best friend and one of my favorite models Shannon) in a bottle, in a storm.JourneyComposite

Bottle by KarahRobinson-Art at deviantart. Ship by fuguestock at deviant art.

For the image this week I decided to use my other favorite model. 🙂 My little fairy baby is just a cuteness overload.


Dragonfly found at http://www.deviantart.com/art/Dragonfly-Stock-Pack-85131724

Can’t wait to see what next weeks theme is!!


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