No more chirping (personal post)

Been hearing crickets here? I know what your thinking. Where the heck is Sarah? Unless you’ve seen my Facebook page. Well in case you haven’t let me just tell you what is going on. Warning this post is entirely personal so if you aren’t interested, stop reading now. It won’t hurt my feelings, I promise!! I also promise it won’t be long as I am not one to over share.

If you don’t already know we are expecting a baby girl. Our estimated due date is July 1st. Due to my being over 35, we are visiting a specialist every so often just to be sure all is well with our little one. All test are normal so far, thank God. At our last visit (the first week of February) we learned I have a little something called placenta previa. My questions was…..placenta who now? Well I won’t go into details, if you want to know, google it. Because that isn’t the point. The point is Doc says take it easy, no heavy lifting, possible C-section, blah blah blah. Not quite bed rest, but close enough. So I am only taking on sessions that I know will be short, or there will be enough breaks during the shoot. We go back next week to find out if anything has changed. Not so much worried about a C-section but the possibility of bed rest has me a little concerned. Not sure how that’s going to work out. But we shall see.

Here is a shot of our little thumb sucker from our February visit.

Scan 1In other news, I am working on a few projects that don’t require me to be on my feet for too long at a time. I will be sharing those very soon. I just want to work on them a little more before putting any of them out there. Come back next week to see one of those projects!


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