Precious Penelope

I put it out on my Facebook page that I was looking for some expecting mothers. Some so early maybe no one knew yet. I received a few responses. But only one of them worked out. And I am so glad it did. As it turned out I was expecting myself and didn’t know when I announced that I needed mommies. So it was good only one worked out. Not sure I would have had the time to do more than one. Anyway, it was a progression. We got together about every 2 months at the same location. I wanted to show seasons changing as well as momma growing. I really enjoyed shooting these and being a part of the journey. It was also fun to compare notes, our due dates were only a week apart. I’m still working on some of the things I want to do with these shoots. But wanted to share something. So here is one angle of the progression. There will be more as time and baby permits.

Penny Progression

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