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  • What are you looking at?

  • I used 3 images to make this composite. I took the shot of the baby turtle sometime last summer. The acorn cap Holly is sitting in I took last fall. And the image of Holly, just a few weeks ago. I still feel like this one isn't finished. So don't be surprised if you see this one again only a litt[...]
  • Winter Wonder | Southern Maryland Fairy Godmother

  • Because sometimes it's just fun to play. Do you love seeing these as much as I love making them? I sure hope so because you will be seeing a lot of this showing up here. It is the "Fairy Godmother Collection". Interested in a session for your child, grandchild, or even yourself? Maybe you would just[...]
  • Crap I like this one better!!

  • Do you ever get so excited to share something that you post right away, then later wish you would have waited a bit because you thought of something better to share just moments after? No? Ok it's just me then. I posted the gator fishing picture the other day with the layered file still open in p[...]
  • Lake fishing | Southern Maryland Fairy Godmother

  • Because I love to create. I have a huge list of more things like this I want to do. I am going to be playing Photoshop Fairy Godmother. Asking children and adults who or what they want to be, and making it happen. I want to try to do a mermaid, maybe Cinderella (just because I love to play with spar[...]