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  • Crap I like this one better!!

  • Do you ever get so excited to share something that you post right away, then later wish you would have waited a bit because you thought of something better to share just moments after? No? Ok it's just me then. I posted the gator fishing picture the other day with the layered file still open in p[...]
  • Painted Beach

  • Another day at the beach. My favorite place to be. Holly decided we would get out of bed at 5 this morning. So I took the extra wee hours we were up to paint this image from yesterday.
  • A Family tree

  • This beautiful tree is the granddaughter of my grandmothers tree. See my grandparents have this pretty tree and it drops seeds and grows more. They dug up a baby one and gave it to my mother. When hers dropped seeds and little saplings started to sprout I got one of those. It took a few years but it[...]
  • Beach Baby

  • I have had several people mention to me how much they loved when I would post a picture a day. I found this amusing because to me it seems so long ago. I did it to keep my creativity fresh. And ya know, I could use a little of that now. So why not do it again?!!? So I am going to make it a part of m[...]
  • Hello Holly

  • It's been an eventful 6 months. Not shooting as much as I would like to, but it's worth it! If you follow me on Facebook or anywhere else then you already know. Just over 6 months ago this little girl stole our hearts! She keeps us busy, but she also keeps us smiling. She has got to be one of the ha[...]
No more chirping (personal post)
  • No more chirping (personal post)

  • Been hearing crickets here? I know what your thinking. Where the heck is Sarah? Unless you've seen my Facebook page. Well in case you haven't let me just tell you what is going on. Warning this post is entirely personal so if you aren't interested, stop reading now. It won't hurt my feelings, I prom[...]