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  • Crap I like this one better!!

  • Do you ever get so excited to share something that you post right away, then later wish you would have waited a bit because you thought of something better to share just moments after? No? Ok it's just me then. I posted the gator fishing picture the other day with the layered file still open in p[...]
  • Stormy night

  • Crazy storm last night. The lightning was brilliant! The pictures before and after this one are completely black. I just stood at the door snapping.
  • A Family tree

  • This beautiful tree is the granddaughter of my grandmothers tree. See my grandparents have this pretty tree and it drops seeds and grows more. They dug up a baby one and gave it to my mother. When hers dropped seeds and little saplings started to sprout I got one of those. It took a few years but it[...]