I love God, family, coffee, water, the beach, books, movies, nature, writing, baking (not cooking, I suck at that). I also love to create. To see something in my mind and have it come to life through an image is everything.

As a mother of 6 I don’t have a lot of time to work on as many pieces as I would like. When I do start on a project, I have a hard time thinking of anything else.

I carry a notebook to sketch out ideas for images that I have floating in my head so they don’t float away. As of now I have completed about half of those sketches, but the list keeps getting longer. Inspiration could strike at any moment and I need to be ready. Some of the sketches sit for a year or so as I add details to them and the idea grows. I truly can’t wait to share with you some finished pieces.

Living in Southern Maryland (Calvert county) gives me a wide variety of locations to photograph. We really do have it all. Lakes, beaches, rivers, the Chesapeake Bay, farmland, fields, wooded areas, cliffs, everything but a desert. All these things mixed with a taste of every season, what more could a photographer ask for?