Why?     Because I love it!! Someone once told me to be happy with what you do, do something you would do for free if you didn’t need the money.  And for me making women feel amazing about themselves is the best feeling!

Who?     Sarah Otrompke, Child of God, Mother of 6, Step Mother to 1, Wife, Photographic artist, Coffee Addict, Magazine Hoarder, Music appreciator, Avid shoe wearer. The most complex simple person you could ever meet. And easily distracted by shiny objects.

What?     Portrait photography. Specializing in making real women feel amazing and beautiful. As a wife and a mother I understand a woman’s need to feel well, like a woman. I love the look on a woman’s face when she sees her images for the first time!!

Where?     Anywhere I want! I’m based in Calvert county Maryland. But will shoot anywhere you want to pay me to.

When (it all started)?     I think my real passion for photography as an art began in high school. While most girls were hanging posters of actors and singers on their walls, I hung the pictures of advertisements ripped out of magazines. I had all the “guess” ads. Perfume and fashion ads. Pictures of wedding dresses from bridal magazines and so on. Not really sure why I was drawn to these images, I liked them, so I hung them. Years later while waiting tables in a restaurant a friend handed me a number and said one of my customers is looking to hire someone to work in his store. So I took the number and called it. And set up an interview with him the next day. Turns out it was a photo lab and portrait studio. While learning the arts of developing film and studio lighting, I finally knew what was drawing me into those images just a few years earlier. It was the feel and the mood created by lighting, shape, texture and the many other various elements that make up a great photograph. Even after moving on to other jobs over the years, I still pursued photography as a part-time or side job.


How (it came to be)?      It wasn’t until learning about the pregnancy of my fifth child that the difficult decision to stay home was made. And any extra time I have gotten since then has been poured into learning, and growing my photographic skills. And connecting with other photographers through online communities, through whom I have been inspired and learned quite a bit.


  I love having time for both my family and my passion.